Alexandria, VA Broken Window, Custom Window Panes, Double Pane Window Glass & Door Glass Repair

A broken glass pane in your window or door should be dealt with as soon as possible. At Rosemont Glass, we offer broken window and door glass repair services in Alexandria, VA to keep your home safe, secure, and looking good.

Your windows and doors aren’t just important for aesthetics, they also work to secure your home from the elements and intruders. As such, making sure that they aren’t compromised is imperative for keeping your home or business safe.

Keeping the elements out also means keeping your energy bills down. A draft, even a small one, can significantly impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The longer a draft goes unfixed, the more it is going to cost in the long run.


Risks of DIY Broken Glass Repair

It’s become more and more common for people to do DIY projects. Many times doing it yourself can be a fun way to take care of a project, while saving money. However, glass provides a few challenges that make DIY glass repair a bit riskier. Broken window or door glass repair at your Alexandria home should be entrusted to the experts. For starters, unless you have the proper safety gear, it is very easy to injure yourself. It also needs to be cleaned up properly, or tiny shards can be left behind that can also cause injury - especially with kids or pets around.

Secondly, putty can be temperamental when being reapplied. Applying too much can result in it expanding and pushing the frame out of place. Best case scenario when this happens is that the glass pane is just off center and looks awkward. Worse case scenario, it both looks awkward and isn’t properly sealed, meaning moisture and air can work its way in.

Applying too little putty obviously runs the same risks and can end in the glass falling and shattering, bringing you back to where you started. Let our professional broken window and door glass specialists take care of your project quickly, safely, and correctly. When you need broken window or door glass repair in Alexandria, trust our experts at Rosemont Glass!

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